Bad Date Great Story Groundhog Day Show: Saturday, Feb 2nd, 7PM at Gramercy Theater Lounge!


It's happening.  You have all been so patient and we have heard your cries for entertainment that is hysterical+fun+drink specials.  Get ready for the Bad Date Great Story Groundhog Day show that is going to make us all remember the dates that made us want to run into a hole and hide! We also have a surprise!  A special venue has now become the new home of the Bad Date Great Story show series.   Gramercy Theater on 23rd street between Lexington and Park is where you can now catch great storytelling and a ruckuss good time.  We are OVERJOYED to be performing at this Live Nation venue and we want to make you guys proud, so you know this show is going to be a real doozy!

Come and have some fun with us guys!  Shake off the week and hear some great stories and meet some fantastic people.  Bad Date Great Story is ready to par-tay again!