Advice from the 13 Year Old Me.


You know how at camp you make your FRIENDS FOR LIFE <3 <3 <3? Those girls who you will claim will serve as bridesmaids at your wedding, who will be there for the birth of your first child, who will say the eulogy at your funeral? And then you turn 16 and are too old for camp, and suddenly your friends for life are friends no longer?

Yeah, it makes me a little sad too.

The one exception for me was Sherry. Sherry was my bunkmate at Bucks Rock Camp for the Arts. This was the type of place where eight year olds put on goggles and stuck their hands into open flames and pulled out pieces of freshly blown glass and all their parents did was clap and sign them up for four more weeks. This was a place that had a Clown House, and THATS WHERE THE COOL KIDS HUNG OUT.

Sherry and I lost touch in the years after we left Bucks Rock. However, fate+ the fact Sherry and I don't age = running into each other at the Hungarian Pastry Shop and immediately falling back into patterns of hugging and love. And by hugging and love, I mean complaining about our teaching schedules, and weighing the dangers of rekindling flames with ex-boyfriends.

A few days ago Sherry sent me the following excerpt from her recently discovered Bucks Rock yearbook. And what we can learn from this is: the more things change, the more they remain the same. Also, if you say "I will have a boyfriend" three times every day, eventually you will get one. Scouts honor.









Also, being pregnant isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as the father is a really hot guy.

Says the 13 year old girl who has never been kissed.