A cozy Christmas morning when your roommate is Liz B...


Watching the Christmas music programs that run on December 25th morning television with your long time roommate is the perfect way to ease into the precious day.  Especially when she shares thoughts like this:  

While looking at a little girl, who looks like she belongs on "Toddlers and Tiars," belt out an uninspiring quasi religious song that lasts forever...

"She's no Christ!"  She meant Charlotte Church.

Five minutes later, "Speaking about guns and Christmas."

Ten minutes later, after I have run out of Christmas ribbon and am trying to tie four gift together with one six inch piece, we are watching a new infomercial showcasing adults in huge child sized infant rompers.

"We need to invent something so that we can retire.  Let's think..." two minutes pass.  "It's a pencil, it's a shoe, it's a pencil-shoe."  (There was an accompanying dance that no writing could ever capture the magic of).